Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Hunger Artist

I wanted to show the process a little bit, to show the translation from the source imagery to the final painting. I use the photograph more as an armature than anything else, I allow myself to change the image to better serve my formal and conceptual interests. I also wanted to show what inspired me to make work. The major influence on this piece and my current series of work is this work by
David Hockney. The title is from Franz Kafka's short story of the same name, The Hunger Artist.
This piece was also influenced by an experience I had, helping an old lady that had fallen in her driveway get back into her house. She wasn't friendly, and she didn't want me near her house, but I wanted to make sure she was okay. Regardless i was kind of horrified by the peak inside her house I got, because she was a hoarder. These images were taken from one or more of the television shows about hoarders, but for me, I thought she acted as a kind of Ghost of Hoarding Future for me. I definitely have the capacity to live in my own filth without much opposition, so the painting acts a warning to myself to not allow that to happen. It reminds me of Francis Bacon's famously cluttered studio. I love the formal qualities of painting detritus, because there are hints of saturated color here and there, and it has a very abstract quality.
Francis Bacon's studio...Bacon was really the first painter that I really got invested in, and I wanted to emulate him in some way, so for the first few years that I had a studio, I felt like I needed to create a similar chaotic situation in order to focus properly...I don't think that that was that smart of a conclusion.

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